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We invest conservatively using time tested strategies with the intention of growing your wealth. We strive to achieve more return than the S&P 500 index while reducing volatility.
American Blue Chip Investment Management is an investment counseling firm which is 100% fee based. We invest in individual Stocks and Bonds (Fixed Income) and use ETF's and Mutual Funds in our Global Asset Allocation Portfolios to provide broad diversification. Our goal is to preserve and grow wealth for our clients and improve their living standards so they can enjoy a worry free retirement.

We work with individuals, families, trusts and all types of retirement accounts (4O1-K's, IRA's and Pension Plans). Our minimum acceptable account size is $150,000.00 which many or our younger clients start with. Many mature clients have assets with us of $300,000.00 to more than $1,000,000.00. Each client account is separately managed to minimize taxes and to specifically customize investments to meet each client's goals and needs.

Our Secret: Actively listening to you!

We analyze your situation with great sensitivity while listening to your plans. We discuss philosophy, lifestyle, your goals and needs for you and your family. Often we help you define and evaluate strengths and weaknesses and uncover opportunities. We systematically educate you about your options.
The investment strategy we create for you is rooted in research conducted through major independent research firms whose only business is to provide the most up-to-date research. They do not sell any high commission products like many of our competitors. Our portfolios are designed to capture the market's historically reliable movement.

We invest for you according to these fundamental principles:

Grounded investment strategy using independent research, not Wall Street trends.
Investing for the long term.
Create globally-diversified portfolios, the kind that have historically been shown to reduce risk and improve returns.
Minimize cost, taxes and turnover everywhere possible.

Our Commitment Is To You (Our Clients)!

We work towards the financial well-being of our clients by attempting to meet or exceed their financial objectives and expected level of service. We want to build strong relationships that last over decades are based on trust, open communication and mutual understanding. We strive for the loyalty of our clients for their entire life and hope we can also continue to serve their families for generations to come.

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About Our Founder

Justin S. Mazzon, Founder, Principal and Portfolio Manager

Justin began investing personally at the age of 14. In 1981 he began investing for clients with Davis Skaggs & Co. Davis, Skaggs was acquired by the Shearson Division of American Express and Justin was promoted to Vice President.
Justin earned a Business Degree from Arizona State University in 1976. He is a native of San Francisco. After college, Justin went of for further graduate level studies in Business, Real Estate Finance and Marketing at San Francisco State University. He also is a prior member of the Security Analysts Society of San Francisco, has served on the investment and Endowment Committee of the Olympic Club and was a Board Member for Hanna Boys Center Investment Committee. He is a current member of the Financial Planning Association and has been involved in the San Francisco Estate Planning Counsel. On numerous occasions over the years he has been quoted or written about in leading financial publication such as: Forbes (1994), Money (1998), The Wall Street Journal (1992), San Francisco Chronicle (1993), San Francisco Business Times (1995), Marin Independent Journal (1994) and Business Week (1995).

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Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. We also provide private consultations on weekends if requested.

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