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Thank you for considering Lift & Transfer Specialists as your source for transfer equipment and installation. We install and service patient lifts, stair lifts, porch lifts, wall lifts, free-standing lifts, mobile lifts and pool lifts. For fifteen years LTS Inc. has been contributing to the lives of people with disabilities and the agencies that serve them throughout California and Nevada. Over 2,000 home installations have given us the experience and efficiency necessary to assure the finest experience possible from the first home assessment to the first time a client is lifted and transferred.

We understand that only part of what we do is about technology. More importantly, we provide independence. Doing the job right means that there is a seamless connection between a person and their assistive technology. Quite often the dignity of the client and control over their equipment is overlooked, but this is our priority. We look forward to visiting you for a demonstration of the amazing products we provide and to learn the best way to serve you.

Please contact us and tell us your story. Would you like to hear what our enthusiastic clients have to say? Would you like to try out our equipment? Let us know. We want to solve your lift and transfer needs, and we want to make your world a safer place.


Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Weekends by appointment.

Phone: (877) 542-5438

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